If you know me at all, you know I love to regularly pop into the local op shop for a therapeutic session of good quality bargain hunting. For things your child will need to wear or have for only a short time, keep a little lookout at your local opshop (church thrift/secondhand store) as many other have bought new, used one, and then donated it… ready for you to come and find! I often grab a pair of gumboots that fit our son now, and if I see a nice pair for him for later, i stash those away too! Way better than paying 30 bucks for a pair, when I can pay 3 dollars for two pairs of the cutest ones I’ve seen! I don’t buy ‘normal’ clothes like t-shirts/shorts as there are plenty being passed on or gifted, but I’ve got a snowsuit for about ten dollars, and a rain suit for $3. Also, the sweetest little fur trimmed red parka jacket for four dollars. As the prodgeny of one of the secret society of ‘sunscreen police’, there are never too many sunhats around, so if I see a good one, I buy it even if it doesn’t fit Leo yet. 

Few rules with op shopping I try to stick by:

  • Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you have to have it, or have to buy it. Be strict with quality. If its torn, broken or ‘could’ be fixed don’t buy it unless you promise to take it home and fix it straight away. 
  • If you’re not sure, walk away and let it be. Pop in again in a few days if you want and see how you go. THe little red jacket I left for a few weeks, and finally bought when a howling gale outside made me realise our little man actually needed it and we didn’t have anything else! It was still there… awesome!
  • Be nice to the people in the store, don’t haggle over 50c, its a charity store for goodness sake! Let them keep the change sometimes, its a great feeling anyway. 
  • And finally, donate back to the store!Help others get a great bargain from your treasures you no longer use. Image