I am excited to share this with you, becuase it is such a simple idea, but helps prevent a lot of waste. I’m not the most organised person in the world, in fact I’m pretty far off the mark. So when it comes to buying and using fresh veggies, there is often sad looking wilting, dead and worse case, rotting veggies in the bottom of my fridge. So when I saw this idea I loved it, and most of all, after trying it, I loved that it works! When you buy your spring onion bunch (also known I believe as green onions) simple put them in a glass on the kitchen window sill, and keep watered. Mine lasted about 6 weeks this way, and I just chopped off a bit whenever I needed! The bonus is that more stems grew in those 6 weeks without me having to spend any more! Make sure you change the water regularly though!


A great idea for a healthy lunch:

Whisk two eggs in a cup and season with salt and pepper, heat a touch of oil to a non- stick fry pan. Add a sprinkle of chopped spring onions, spinach or whatever you have. If you have nothing but eggs, then so be it (tastes great anyway).

On moderate heat, pour eggs into fry pan, and spin frypan until it makes a crepe shape. Wait till cooked, roll or fold up, pop on a plate and enjoy!

Takes 2 minutes to cook, high in protein, so no toast needed to fill you up, and tastes delicious.

If I’m feeling a bit naughty, I’ll add some cheese/feta! Yum!