I’ve decided to start a blog, as I feel that life as a full time Mum, and part-time everything-else is not only hectic, rewarding, demanding and absolutely fantastic, but that there is a wealth of knowledge and skills we learn in this role that would otherwise never be found. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention (or something like that), so I feel that mothers are the most profound inventors of ‘a few tricks up my sleeve’, or magic moments when I think to myself… ‘wow, that was a clever thing to think of doing’! I must say, most of my ‘research’ is done in the home, with my gorgeous son helping me most of the way! But, I hope that you all can be of help too as we pass information around the world of all the clever little ‘tricks up our sleeves’ for living life more efficiently, so we can have time to roll around the carpet with our little ones, or sit in parks watching them play while  enjoying a cappuccino… not worrying about what else we have to do!